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Sharon McKeown at St. Patrick’s is the chair of this group. Please contact her if you are able to attend. All timings are to be confirmed. She will be sending more information next term. Her email is


Autumn 1

Friday 9th October 2015 at the Pastoral Centre. Maria Collins-Donnelly to lead a day ‘Dealing with difficult people/situations’. This will be a full day for DHT and one middle leader. Timings of the day to be confirmed.

Autumn 2

Friday 13th November 2015 at the Pastoral Centre. ‘How is your school distinctly Catholic?’ part of this day will be a showcase for schools to show what they are doing in their school that is effective. So far St Thomas of Canterbury will talk about Collective Worship, St Patrick’s – Bible Studies after school club, St Wilfrid’s – Pupils as liturgy leaders. This will be a full day for DHT and RE coordinators.

Spring 1

Friday 29th January 2016 at the Pastoral Centre. ‘Learning Walks: Exploring the Catholic Life of our schools.’ John Cape to deliver a presentation on what Learning walks are and what to identify/look for within your school when completing one. This will be a half day for DHT and RE coordinators. There will also be time reflection exercises that can be completed with pupils. During this day schools will pair up to complete a learning walk in each other’s school based on a catholic aspect eg. Look for the mission statement or evidence of Gospel Values.

Spring 2

Friday 18th March 2016 at the Pastoral Centre. DHT to feedback about the Learning walks completed.

Summer 2

DHT retreat day.


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