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Developing the International Dimension in our Schools




We decided to develop the International Dimension experienced in our schools. We agreed that it would be a good aim for our Catholic Family of Schools to work on similar projects in Focus Weeks with a goal to achieving Global Schools Awards or ISA.

St Catherine's have  been awarded a Global Curriculum Project Grant, our Year 3 and Year 5 classes will be working with classes from the Niza Trust, our twin school in Zambia, for three years.

Our aims for the project are:

To continue to strengthen our partnership
To jointly embed the global dimension of sustainable development in our Design & Technology (DT) curriculum
To challenge pupil perceptions of culture and standards of quality of life. St. Catherine's DT curriculum is based around   QCA units and we are hoping to enhance our DT teaching and learning through a more global context.
The two schools will work together on projects on each side of the globe, they will be looking at:
 Collecting and comparing their carbon footprints
 Working out ways to recycle and reuse to make toys and objects which reflect sustainable use. The Niza Trust will be examining our curriculum, looking at delivering a QCA unit in their school, and sharing their reflections and ideas on how it could be developed.