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 As leaders in Sheffield Catholic Schools, we agree to work collaboratively to: 

 Seek to recognise and rejoice:
 ·        In the presence of God among us
·        In Christ, who dwells in each of us
·        In the Spirit, who inspires and leads us. 

 Seek to create hope-filled communities:
 ·        Journeying towards God
·        Rooted in love, service and reconciliation
·        Open to all in a spirit of inclusivity. 

 Seek to express the mission of the Church:

·        By moving the hearts of all those whose lives we touch
·        By striving to create a model of servant leadership
·        By enhancing the educational opportunities of all our pupils. 


To become an effective partnership leading to our schools becoming amongst the best performing schools nationally


  • To celebrate the uniqueness of every child
  • To recruit and develop high quality staff at all levels
  • To grow with confidence and serve others


  • Act with love & forgiveness
  • Lead with courage and integrity
  • Serve with tolerance and generosity
  • Communicate with honesty and transparency


1.       Organise our structure, roles and responsibilities as group

2.       Plan our goals, priorities & routines

3.        Identify and measure our success criteria

4.       Build a high quality team of staff at all levels

5.       Collaborate through experience of each other's school, sharing best practice and working   together



The association "Sheffield Family of Catholic Schools" was established in 2005 by Pat Nelis, John Hutchinson and Liam McGurrin, and modified to "Sheffield Catholic School's Partnership" on 2017.

Its core purpose is to 'promote curriculum and professional development, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in all Catholic primary schools in Sheffield. We will work together in true partnership and share expertise, so as to enrich the education of all the children in the Family of schools, in an atmosphere of Christian love, which will benefit Catholic Education in the city'.

There are fifteen schools who are members of the partnership. See our Family of Schools page for details of these.

A variety of activities and services will be offered to schools within, and without, the group.

From our inception, we will seek to provide a wide range of additional services for member schools, to ensure greater efficiency and value for money.

Let your light shine.....................................